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Tweeny Room

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Room Description

Welcome to our beautiful Tweeny Room! that has been designed to ignite your child’s curiosity by providing a wide range of learning activities from which they can choose. We provide a safe and stimulating environment that encourages learning through play, which supports children to develop new skills whilst forming relationships with their peers. 

Here in our tweeny room, our emphasis is on developing children’s independence as they start to gain greater understanding of themselves, building their confidence and empowering them as individuals. We believe that independence is key in ensuring that  children are prepared for life and success in the future.

Our practitioners dedicate themselves to support each child’s awe and wonder, focussing on positive interactions. Communication plays a significant role in language development and to that end we provide ample opportunities for our children to develop language skills. This is done through role play, songs, stories, conversations, and rhyming, which are led by the child.


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We also believe that getting outdoors and exploring the world around us is crucial for children’s development. We go for walks around the local area and visit parks and gardens so that the children can explore the world around them. We also visit our local library to encourage a love of books and reading.

In our Tweeny Room, we have a wide range of resources available for the children to choose from, and our staff are passionate about bringing out the best in them, offering love, support, and comfort when needed. We believe in building special bonds with our key children, and we work hard to make sure that all of their needs are met.

Our curriculum is focused on the 7 areas of development, and we plan activities based on the interests and needs of each individual child and their next steps. We believe that by offering support where needed and encouraging children to explore and learn at their own pace, we can help them grow and thrive.

Child / Room
Age Group
2 to 1 - Years
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1- 0 Ratio

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