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Pre School Room

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Room Description

Our Pre-school is a beautiful learning and play environment that has a wide-open plan space which incorporates a range of areas including construction, small world, home corner, science, Math and Literacy, arts and crafts, reading and cosy corner.

In addition, we have an interactive white board, used by the children and a sensory room that all children can access.   

We believe that every child is unique and that they have their own strengths and areas of interest, therefore, our approach to teaching is flexible and adaptable to each child’s individual needs.  We encourage our children to become independent thinkers and learners, to enable them to navigate their environment and develop autonomy,  examples include confidently attempting tasks like dressing themselves, following instructions, making choices and engaging in social interactions with their peers and adults. Over time they become more self-resilient, showing increased problem-solving abilities and pride in their accomplishments, thereby developing their self-esteem and confidence.

To this end, we provide a nurturing environment where our children learn to express their emotions, develop empathy, and build self-confidence through positive reinforcement and encouragement from our teachers.

Our Pre-School follows the Birth to Five Matters framework, covering the 7 areas of development that offers a variety of educational, social, and developmental opportunities where our children will learn basic academic concepts in terms of:

Communication and Language

  • Physical development
  • Personal Social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Pre School Description Continued

We do this by providing a wide range of activities and learning experiences that are packed with fun and encourage our children to explore and express themselves. 

We offer rich opportunities for our children to interact with their friends, to develop important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, cooperating, and resolving potential conflicts in a supportive setting.

We incorporate physical activities such as excursions, outdoor play, indoor PE play and gross motor skill development to help our children enhance their co-ordination, strength, and overall physical well-being.

We encourage creativity and imagination through various art, music, and dramatic play activities, allowing our children to explore different forms of self-expression to develop their unique talents.

We offer activities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, language development including French and early literacy and numeracy skills, laying the foundations for future success.

We help our children to transition to formal schooling by familiarising them with routines, structure and expectations, commonly found in schools and beyond.

Child / Room
up to
3 to 1 - Years
Practitioner to Child
1- 0 Ratio

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