204 Swan Ave,

Bingley BD16 3PA

Mon - Fri:
7:30 - 18:00


We develop excellent bonds with our parents and proactively work them as well as the local schools and Bradford Early Years.


Partnering with Acorns

We want to give our parents a voice in the shaping and development of our nurseries, to be our ‘Critical Friend’ who holds us to account for ensuring that the children in our care, get the best possible start in life, through high quality provision.  The primary vehicle for achieving this, is our Parent Partnership (PP) which was established in February 2016 and which is made up of the Nursery Manager and parent volunteers, who represent other parents views

The Parent Partner’s attend termly meetings with the Nursery Manager to look at a range of issues affecting the nursery including, but not limited to, the:

  • progress of any previous actions set
  • new developments across the provision
  • legislative changes affecting the nursery
  • news Items
  • new staff starters and leavers and changers
  • audits/inspections
  • feedback from parents
  • actions agreed to go forward

Their continuous commitment, diligence, support and foresight is always instrumental in the delivery of our aims and objectives.

Local Schools

Partnering with Acorns

We have good working relationships with the local schools and each year we complete our summative reports of those children transitioning to primary school. We invite the schools to visit us to meet the children and spend ‘one to one’ time with them, to ease that transition. 

Bradford Early Years

We have established excellent working relationships with Bradford Early Years, who continue to support our development