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Life at the Nursery

Settling In

Starting at nursery is enormously beneficial for children and their families, yet it can be an anxious time too. At Acorns, we understand that the first time your child is separated from you, can be a very upsetting experience for both you and your child. Our caring and well trained practitioners will offer support and help to make this difficult process, a much happier and less traumatic experience.

Before your child starts with us, we will arrange a couple of ‘settling in’ visits, where you and your child will be invited to come into the nursery to stay and play with us, thereby enabling you and your child get to know the staff, the children and the environment. 

At your first settling in visit, both you and your child will spend an hour in the room together. This gives you and your child a great opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the new surroundings. At this first meeting we will get to know more about your child’s daily routines, including sleep patterns, likes/dislikes, their favourite activities and books, any allergies or areas of concern etc.

At your second settling in visit, we ask you to leave your child in our care to enable us to start the bonding process between your child, the staff, and other children in the room. 

Once your child has settled in the nursery and bonds have formed between the practitioners and your child, a keyperson will be allocated. This can take up to two weeks after they move into their new room.

Because each child is different, some children settle quicker than others. To address this, we offer as many settling in visits as is needed, to ensure that your child is comfortable, happy, and ready for their first day with us.

Please note we take admissions for a minimum of 2x full days per week as this allows children to settle better and bond both with both the staff and other children.


As your child becomes older and more confident, they will gradually be introduced to the next room. The transition period is very flexible and will consider the individual needs of each child.

As transition time approaches your child will start to make visits to the next room. You and your child will be invited to visit the new room, meet the staff, and have a look around together at the displays and the resources and equipment.

Transition Week 1 – Your child will spend an hour or so each day in their new room with their existing keyperson, getting to know the environment and the children and staff already there.  

Transition Week 2 – Your child will spend two hours in their new room. Their existing keyperson, will spend a short amount of time with your child in the room, but will leave when your child feels comfortable

Transition Week 3 – Your child will spend a morning/afternoon in their new room and will have a meal there. By now your child will be gravitating toward a particular practitioner and it is at this time, that we will allocate a keyperson to your child. 

Transition Week 4 – Your child should still be dropped into their current room but will then spend most of the day in their new room, including for afternoon nap time. They will return for tea and collection to their current room. At this stage, the Room Leader and / or existing keyperson will discuss your child’s progress and readiness for full transition. Full transition will be sensitive to your child’s individual needs. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your key person or the Centre Manager.